Lusaka Institute of Applied Sciences (LIAS) ltd is a private college, currently training students for three year Diplomas in Clinical Medicine and Diploma Nursing (Registered Nursing). The main campus of this college is located on Plot No. 13641/M/7 along Kabwe road, 16 kilometers from the Lusaka Main Post Office.The Acronym for Lusaka Institute of Applied Sciences is ‘LIAS’.
Our Mission
The mission of LIAS is to provide high standards of education through training and motivation to young men and women, who want to build a career in public health disciplines such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Biomedical sciences and Clinical Medicine.
The aim of this College is to produce qualified, disciplined and highly competent health service providers that can be entrusted with the management of public and primary health care service.
Our Core Values:
  1. Discipline
  1. Quality
  1. Competence
  1. Accountability
  1. Transparency
  1. Effectiveness
  1. Efficiency

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